Simple Methods for Reducing High Cholestrol

The level of cholesterol in the bloodstream significantly affects the danger of developing heart disease. Level of blood cholesterol is high it produces the greater risk for heart disease or heart attack. Cholesterol makes arteries to become narrowed, and blood flow to the heart is blocked a heart attack results.

Various reasons affect cholesterol levels are: diet, weight, physical activity, age and gender, and heredity. High blood cholesterol itself does not cause symptoms or shows any predictions before. You may not know your blood cholesterol level is too high. So, it’s important to have your cholesterol measured. Adult’s age 35 or older should have their cholesterol checked at least once every 5 years. It best to have a blood test called a lipoprotein profile. This test measures total cholesterol, "good" and "bad" cholesterol, as well as triglycerides, another form of fat in the blood. High cholesterol is treated with lifestyle changes–a healthy eating plan, physical activity, and loss of excess weight–and, if those do not lower it enough, medication.

Cholesterol Lowering Drugs and Cholesterol Lowering Diet Whatever the reasons may cause high blood cholesterol level -diet, heredity, or both - the treatment your doctor will prescribe first is a diet. If your blood cholesterol level has not decreased sufficiently after carefully following the diet for 6 months, your doctor may think about adding cholesterol-lowering medication to your dietary treatment. Keep in mind; diet is a very essential step in the treatment of high blood cholesterol.

Cholesterol-lowering medications are more effectual when combined with diet. Thus they are meant to supplement, not restore, a low-saturated fat, low-cholesterol diet. Summary of diet guidelines for lowering high blood cholesterol levels, eat less high-fat food (especially those high in saturated fat) and replace part of the saturated fat in your diet with unsaturated fat. Eat less high-cholesterol food choose foods high in complex carbohydrates with starch and fiber. Reduce your weight; if you are overweight it is must to control cholesterol.

Dietary fat are two major types they are - saturated and unsaturated. Unsaturated fats are extra classified as either polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fats. Together, saturated and unsaturated fats equal total fat. All foods items contain a mixture of these fats. Reduce total fat intake your blood cholesterol-lowering diet is to eat less total fat, because this is an efficient way to eat less saturated fat. Because fat reduce the number of calories you eat every day.

If you are overweight, weight loss is an additional important step in lowering blood cholesterol levels. If you are not overweight, be sure to restore the fat calories by eating more food high in carbohydrates. Remember: When you reduce the amount of total fat you eat, you are probable to reduce the saturated fat and calories in your diet. Saturated fat raises your blood cholesterol level in excess of everything else in your diet. The greatest way to reduce your blood cholesterol level is to reduce the amount of saturated fat you eat daily.

Saturated fats are found mainly in animal products. But a few vegetable fats and many commercially processed foods too have saturated fat. Unsaturated fat really helps to lower cholesterol levels when it is substituted for saturated fat as a result, health professionals recommend that, when you do eat fats, unsaturated fats be substituted for part of the saturated fat whenever possible. Polyunsaturated fats are found primarily common cooking oils. Polyunsaturated fats are also contained in most salad dressings. But be cautious. The word "hydrogenated" on a label means that some of the polyunsaturated fat has been converted to saturated fat.

Vegetable oils are used in cooking as well as in salads. Recently, research has shown that substituting monounsaturated fat, like substituting polyunsaturated fat, for saturated fat reduces blood cholesterol levels. Unsaturated fats when changed for saturated fats help lower blood cholesterol levels. Fish normally has less cholesterol, but shellfish varies in cholesterol content. Foods of plant source, like fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals, nuts, and seeds, contain no cholesterol. Eating food like this makes you healthier and keeps your body in good condition.




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