10 Natural Products That Help Fight Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue which debilitates a person appears with other symptoms similar to the conditions of other illnesses. Generally a health care provider looks after the relief of patients and their over all improvement in health and well being.

It is of great significance that the person should coordinate with doctor regarding his regimen. Though natural products are harmless and do not have serious side effects, some may not agree well with other medicines. Natural products that help sufferers of CFS include:

1. Acidophilus provides bacteria for the digestive system and in unavoidable for fighting against Candida infections. Generally CFS and Candidiasis go hand in hand.

2. Lecithin promotes energy to build up the immune system.

3. Malic acid produces energy in many cells in the body in muscles.

4. Magnesium is sine quo non to good health for all and is deficient in the victims of CFS.

5. Vitamin A and Vitamin E are powerful protectors of body cells as they spot and clean up free radicals. They help to build the natural immune system that fights invasive viruses.

6. Vitamin C has also a powerful anti viral effect and kicks up the energy level. This is absolutely essential for good health.

7. Vitamin B complex is a promoter of energy level and a booster of normal brain functions. As CFS sufferers are tormented with mental fogginess’. They strengthen the nerve force as CFS patients are stressful and any increase will worsen the situation.

8. Dimethyl glycine, an amino acid, destroys free radicals and improves the intake of oxygen by body cells.

9. Wonderful garlic should never be under estimated. It annihilates parasites and improves the body’s immune system. It increases energy and its odor can be avoided by taking garlic pills available at stores.

10. Maitake mushrooms are very tasty and are precious for their medicinal value. They bring the immune function to normal state and allow the body to adapt to stress.

These are only a few of the natural products that help fight infections, improve and normalize the immune system and stimulate energy. Response to these products is not uniform in all but it sensitizes to the plenty of natural resources available to the victims of CFS.

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