7 Important Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Severe exhaustion is the chief sign of chronic fatigue syndrome. The deeply debilitating fatigue is not relieved by any amount of rest. The exhaustion is not because of any over exertion. There is a fifty percent fall in the person’s normal activity. Where this fatigue manifests itself suddenly or gradually it has its sway from six months to a number of years. It coincides with other illness like respiratory diseases or gastro intestinal disorders. It may also recur from an anti infection similar to flu. Severe traumas like a physical injury or surgery or emotional phase in the loss of a loved one can trigger this syndrome.

A number of other symptoms along with seven fatigues include:

1. Los of concentration otherwise called as ‘mental fogginess’. The person cannot choose proper words to use. Short term memory is affected. There is spatial disorientation and the person feels clumsy and unsteady on his feet.

2. There is much joint and muscle pain without the redness and swelling found in arthritis. This can be a passing phase also. There is muscle weakness and ‘twitchiness’.

3. Headaches, severe, different in nature and in their duration to the usual ones occur.

4. A painful nerve and skin sensitivity is noticed along with a feeling of pain in the eyes in a few cases as well as in jaw and bones. Sore throats, swollen lymph nodes add to the troubles – chest pain and diseased breathing can occur.

5. CFS brings another dysfunction like insufficient and proper sleep. There is interruption of deep sleep, reduction of deep sleep, loss of breathing rhythms, or disturbing nightmares.

6. CFS sufferer may experience fluctuations in body temperature between feverish and cold. A few endocrine functions may be affected (metabolism). Their tolerance of extremes in environmental temperature decreases.

7. Digestive disturbances will result in abnormal gain or loss of weight. Besides there can be bloating, diarrhea, nausea and abdominal pain.

These are only a few of the main symptoms of CFS. But each individual is a unique case. You should consult and communicate with your health care provider specifically as some of these health problems reveal a different underlying problem or disorder.

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