7 Useful Suggestions for sufferers of Chronic Fatigue

It is quite challenging for a person to face CFS as there is no known cure for it in the world. The frustrations of these people are because of their inability to meet the most basic needs of their existence. To add fuel to fire their appearance does not manifest the crippling and debilitating effects of the illness. People thus may not recognize their pain and suffering.

As a first step to relieve them, they should meet those who are suffering from the same condition. They are not the only ones suffering in fighting against this debilitating disease. Many support groups are formed to offer help and compassion to the sufferers so that they can fight the negative feelings they have.

Second step is to consider their life style and environment where they can control to improve their chances of getting better. A few of the practical steps suggested are the following:As a third step avoid all additive and processed foods to save yourself from allergies of food and chemicals. This way you can offer your body a chance to strengthen its resources and the immune system.

The fourth step will be to have a well balanced diet of many raw foods and fresh juices as far as possible up to fifty percent. There should be a maximum of nutrients in good food before it is cooked or processed away. The diet should include wonderful foods like whole grains, seeds and raw nuts that provide essential nutrients. Deep cold water fish provide protein and essential fats healthy for the body.

The fifth step is to drink plenty of water – eight ounce of glasses a day to flush toxins from your body and reduce muscle pain.As a sixth step maintain a healthy digestive system through regular bowels movement. This requires enough water to work with enough fiber added to the diet each day. A few can have an occasional enema to eliminate toxins.The seventh step is to take on work with in your capacity and limitations instead of worrying about what you have failed to achieve. This attitude will lead to inner peace necessary to cope with your situation and assist the body to heal.

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