Alternative Treatments for CFS – Good or Bad

The first challenging task and a stumbling bock in the diagnosis of CFS since it are still not understood properly and no proper definite treatment is available. This uncertainty over its cause and treatment leads to different approaches to treatment. It will take a lot of time and results in much trial and error. Despite the doctor’s sincerity to find a solution CFS is still shrouded in mystery.

In such a context, you will definitely go in for alternative approaches if any one of your kith and kin is the victim of this severe debilitating malady. The dramatic metamorphosis of life routine becomes all the more taxing as it has to manage the uncertainties in finding a solution. So it is better to find and have specific health care providers with particular experience in treating and helping others in handling this illness. One who recognizes the complexity of CFS and who can show compassion in excess and insight can relieve stress through practical suggestions that really work.

The depletion of bodily energies due to fatigue are sought to be replenished through a variety of natural products by following a healthy regimen. Even these natural solutions can react with other medications prescribed by the doctor. He coordinates with the doctor or pharmacist is absolutely essential to find if any negative reaction is likely to take place with the current medicines.

It is only a holistic approach that can be benefit and strengthen the body’s immune system and fight their condition. A variety of problems kick up with CFS - sleep disorders, sore throat, stomach problems, joint and muscle pain. Separate and individual treatment has offered relief to some people.

A person can try relaxing nerves to improve his sleep through supplements. Massage and acupuncture may also relieve an individual of stress. Natural products like Zinc lozenges or a few drops of golden seal extract help in fighting and controlling infections that cause sore throat.

Alternative approach has definitely helped in managing CFS and other illness as attested for people. As there is no scientific sanction for alternative approaches, it is the person who has to research and find out the claims if the claims are true or false.

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