Chronic Fatigue – How to Care and Assist CFS Sufferers

A personal care given is as much confused as the exact sufferer from CFS. Your loved one is unable to do a small thing as he did before. The doctor is unable to offer a satisfactory answer as to why it is so.The care giver is beset with challenges. He should not only look to the physical comfort of the sufferer but realize the emotional problems he is facing. It very deeply frustrates you to know that the illness that inhibits your activity has known cause. Deep depression is the factor that has to be fought in any CFS sufferer.

The search light has to be turned on the life of the patient. The chief care given too has changed his life dramatically. In spite of rising to the occasion and taking over many responsibilities of the other, it is still watching and insufficient. You are prone to to be depressed and unwell physically.

The patient who is ill feels remorse and great guilt in not being cured and become healthy. When this prolongs for years he feels that he is an unbearable burden to all. Despite their gratefulness for what all you have done for them, there lurks a feeling of deep resentment that they must rely on others for assistance. Previously being independent, relying on others now engenders anger that lashes out and hurts those closest to them.

First and foremost the situation must be recognized as existing. Frustrations, disappointments, fears and anxieties are all totally normal reactions. These need be mixed with other problems of guilt. You should believe that things will definitely change. You can communicate freely and openly and express your feelings and move on further to find the best practical solutions to your problems.

If you are unable to speak honestly with one another about your emotions, you may take outside help from others who have gone through the ordeal or from those who have treated them and helped to cope with CFS. Plenty of support groups offer compassion and love you badly need and offer practical suggestions also.

Don’t forget to look after your own long term health which is reasonable and important. You very badly require rest bereft of your problems. You can have friend and relatives through your frank and open expression of your feelings and problems. Tell your personal doctor about what you are dealing with. They will then keep you under observation and also suggest other sources of practical support.

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