Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Diagnosis Process

It is almost a challenge for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) victims to be diagnosed properly. They are also the victims of unrelenting mental and physical fatigue. Besides these they suffer from other symptoms that make them more and more miserable and uncomfortable.This enervating disorder is quite frustrating, but technically accurate. The name does not do justice to the seriousness of it. The sufferers feel that it trivializes their suffering and experience. Its classification as a ‘psychological disorder’ has stamped it with the stigma of secret mental and emotional issues.

Though this is taken to be a serious psychological condition diagnosing it as CFS has been very difficult. People understand that the symptoms and fatigue countered with CFS are also common to many other disorders. Added to this there is no laboratory test to produce a bio marker to clearly indicate CFS. Above all, CFS manifests differently on varied individuals and the severity and duration of its course are not uniform for any two people.

It takes long to cure or eliminate the disorder as there can be another underlying problem. The doctor should get a personal medical history. If the person has been suffering from deep unrelenting fatigue for six or more months with other disorders with flu like symptoms m and cognitive problems- CFS may be possible. Abut he has to undergo a number of tests to confirm the health of the major bodily systems to confirm that there is no other hidden breath issue like auto immune disease or thyroid problem.

To diagnose CFS the doctor should see if the fatigue is unaffected by any amount of rest. He will also look for other symptoms that follow CFS as muscle and joint pain, muscle weakness, sleep disorders, unusual headaches, stomach problems, chronic sore throats, tender lymph nodes, mental fogginess, and other cognitive and memory issues. There are now detailed questionnaires to help the doctor to narrow the focus.

The unknown nature of this disease and its treatment has made the sufferers tense and they feel that they are not believed and that their treatment does not offer quick results. Both the doctor and the health care provider are frustrated in bringing quick relief to the sufferers.

The patient should be proactive as far as possible and analyze his situation and monitor what is working and what is not. He should be calm and maintain open communication with others. Much comfort can be gained as also knowledge by reading about others who have suffered with CFS and recouped their health totally.

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