Chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis

Chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis is very difficult and time consuming since the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome are in line with the symptoms for other common diseases. Symptoms like lack of concentration, lack of physical activity, sore throat, tender lymph nodes are considered during chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis.

Some patients may experience headaches of new pattern or severity. This should also be taken into account in chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis. Chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis includes complaints of muscle pain and multi-joint pain without swelling.All the symptoms given above also occur for other diseases also. Hence chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis takes some time and co-operation of the patient involved. The patient is requested to frequently check with the doctor during the diagnosis period.

The doctor should watch for any symptom that newly appears during chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis. As a part of the chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis the patient should be asked whether they have sleeping disorders. Persons with chronic fatigue syndrome sometimes may not sleep properly. There are other symptoms apart from the above that have to be considered during chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis.Additional symptoms like night sweats, digestive disturbances, allergies and chemical sensitivities are also taken into consideration during chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis.

The other signs that are noted during the chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis are low blood pressure and low oral temperature. An increase heart rate and the unsteadiness of the patient to stand while the eye is closed are the other signs that are to be noted during the chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis. Universally doctors also perform the laboratory tests such as complete blood count with differential, chem 20 panel, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and urinalysis in chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis.





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