Effects of compassion fatigue

Compassion fatigue is popularly termed as “burn out”. It is a feeling of exhaustion that occurs to a person. The person suffering from compassion fatigue may feel that he is drained of energy. Such persons may not enjoy the world at that time and they may not care for others.

Compassion fatigue affects persons who are in the health service sector mostly. These professionals care for others much but they may get the required attention they need. Such persons with compassion fatigue may need a break from their routine work to recharge themselves.The cause for compassion fatigue could be the constant interaction of the health care professionals with the patients. They need to give out emotions and care for them all the whole day.

This process slowly gives way to compassion fatigue. It is not an one day issue. Compassion fatigue may develop over a period of time and not suddenly in a single day. A remedy for not getting into compassion fatigue is to take a long vacation or sometimes transfer to some other location. Some people may even need a change in their job so that they recover soon from compassion fatigue. It all depends on the personality of the person.

It is better to prevent compassion fatigue before it sets in. Some people even feel for others too emotionally by reading the news papers and the media stories in televisions which portray negative issues. It is better not to read such negative issues for a while so that you avoid compassion fatigue setting in. Spend a lot of time alone and focus on any one issue that interests you much and relaxes you. This would help you recharge yourself with positive attitude. Low self-esteem, sleep disturbances, workaholism, frequent headaches, depression, and even anger could be the symptoms of compassion fatigue.

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