How to Combat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

An extremely enervating condition, chronic fatigue syndrome is the cause of disabling fatigue similar to worrying symptoms like aches in muscles and joints, muscle spasms, respiratory infections, swollen glands, sore throats, intestinal issues, anxiety and depression.According to statistics, its incidence is thrice among women, affecting young adults of twenty years and persons in their fifties. Recovery some is spontaneous while it may recur again with some other illness or during depression under great stress.

For a person it is an endless struggle to cope with fatigue and keep up a quality of life. Apart from this he has to bear then history of controversy around it.For scores of years the controversy is centers round the dearth of medical professionals in recognizing chronic fatigue syndrome- CFS as a real condition challenging us. In consequence the victims of fatigue could not receive adequate or focused treatment.

By nature CFS mimics many symptoms of flu or similar viral infections. As such it has been mistaken for other disorders. As routine tests do not detect any underlying problems it has been misdiagnosed as depression, hypochondria, and psychosomatic sickness. While struggling with a mysterious disease by itself is difficult, to face people who say that it is not so and you just imagine it, is worse and more trouble some.

This issue has become contentious and divided many in medical community. Some insist that research founding should be to find a physiological cause as well as psychological and psychosocial aspects.Of late, medical community has recognized the existence of CFS that has spread its tentacles all over the world. But its etiology is not yet adequate. As there is a dispute over the basic underlying causes diagnosis and treatment of the disorder has become impossible.

Thus CFS sufferers have turned to alternative remedies. However, each individual is unique as well as their response to different treatments. It is very difficult to follow a particular course based on the data of therapy or treatment.In spite of these challenges there are organizations, and people, who care, understanding deeply the agony of those sufferers. One in 250 people are affected by CFS in the U.S. Any one suffering from CFS can get the support and knowledge necessary to manage and live the quality of life he wants to live.

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