Proven Medical Treatments and Therapies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

The explosion in the knowledge in the medical field about CFS has also brought in different approaches to relieve the sufferings of the victims. It will be excellent to have a single treatment to cure the disease but it is just eluding. People know that despite best medications and therapies they cannot be cured permanently.

People who have miraculously recovered feel spontaneously that CFS may recur again with another disease of serious nature when they are depressed and stress torn. In their approach to alleviate the sufferings of patient’s doctors can combine prescription drugs, physical and emotional therapies and alternative medicines. As each patient is unique the doctor should ascertain what symptoms of CFS are causing great distress.

Part from deep fatigue, the chief symptoms are sleep disorders, muscle and joint pains, headaches, loss of proper concentration, sore throat, gastro intestinal issues, depression and allergies. The doctor will offer a tailor made management plan according to the mot destructive and disabling problems of life.

Many CFS patients are sensitive and sedatives in particular. At the outset only lower dosages should be administered and the reaction of the patient seen before going further. The doctor and the patient should monitor the side effects to avoid any intensification of the already existing health condition. Tricyclic anti depressants can be recommended to alleviate pain, sleep and mood issues. Simple and less drug will treat more symptoms with fewer side effects on the whole.

A mild dosage of stimulants may be given to help with cognitive issues while strong stimulants trigger a push crash cycle when the patient suffers a relapse in his problem. Working together with additional natural remedies, the patient and doctor should not forget that all such remedies do not suit their management plan. Instead they may aggravate their problems since CFS patients are allergic to certain food and chemicals. A careful thought should be given before using natural remedies.

Additional treatments that succeed in helping CFS patients are: gentle massages, bio feed back programs, deep breathing methods, yoga, meditation, aquatic therapy and tai chi. In short none is certain about the primary cause of CFS. The doctor, as of now can treat only the symptoms as per the specific needs with proper care and in due course the body’s immune system will retaliate for good.

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