Understanding Multiple Causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is so complex that much of it is not properly understood. The symptoms vary from individual and the duration of illness also different from one person to another.The hallmark of the illness, profound exhaustion, affects the basic organism of the body. One leading expert describes this as “An injury to the software of the human body”. The reference is to the most important aspects of the human body – the immune and the nervous systems.

How the damage is caused at first is unknown. A few experts suspect to be a link to Epstein-Barr, a part of the herpes virus family that is also the cause of mononucleosis. This belief is because of the high levels of anti bodies of the virus in the blood of sufferers of CFS. There is also a coincidence of the start of CFS symptoms and those of viral infection. But there is no conclusive scientific link between EBV and CFS.

Many have developed CFS without any preceding infections and research has trmed to various other directions. A few suggested causes include a defect in the body mechanism that controls blood pressure, a break down of immune system, anemia, hypothyroidism, chronic mercury poisoning, hypoglycemia, chronic sleep issues, and Candida albicans fungal infection. Fibromyalgia of the muscles is connected to CFS sufferers.

Genetic factors are believed to cause CFS. It is also possible that environmental poisons and invasive factors may weaken the immune system and make the person vulnerable to CFS.Some traumas to the body like a head injury or surgery are suspected to trigger CFS. Factors that can instigate CFS are medication like anti depressants beta- blockers, benzodiazapines or an over dose of antibiotics. In short, no single factor is the cause for CFS. The disorder is due to the combination of events or combines illness or infections.

The specific cause for CFS is shrouded in mystery. Any excess physical or emotional stress worsens the condition. When the condition prolongs, it seriously damages the person’s immune system. In some cases, instead of total cure there is spontaneous recovery. But once CFS attacks, it can recur again with some other illness or a depression due to too much of stress.

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