Curing Chronic Cold Sores

In some cases of infections caused by the herpes simplex virus, the cure is not that so easy. It may persist for quite a long time. Such infections that are permanent are called chronic cold sores. For chronic cold sores the person has to take regular medicines so the impact of chronic cold sores is reduced and due course of time they will find chronic cold sores being eliminated. The persons affected by chronic cold sores get outbursts of cold sores more often than a person who is not affected by chronic cold sores.

There are many ointments that you can apply on chronic cold sores. Pure Lip is one such product that is used to apply on the chronic cold sores that appear on the lips of the person affected by chronic cold sores. This ointment is odorless and moisturizes the lips and prevent it from drying up the chronic cold sores. This ointment fights the virus that causes the chronic cold sores. This product has ten times more zinc than any other product as claimed by the manufacturer of the product. We know that zinc is a good healer for cold sores. Hence zinc is used in manufacturing these products for curing chronic cold sores.

Apart from the above mentioned product for chronic cold sores, there are other products like Neosporin, Abreva, Novitra, Campho Phenique, Anbesol, Orajel, and Viroxyn. Some of the products listed here contain camphor. It is advised not to used much of camphor for child treatments, since using camphor more than 500 mg is dangerous for children. Hence it is advised to check with your consultant before using these products. It is claimed by the manufacturer of Pure Lip that it has 15 times more zinc in its product than the product Novitra and hence it helps is curing chronic cold sores much better than any other product from its competitors. It is said that Neosporin is also as effective as Pure lip but Pure Lip has more zinc than Neosporin. It is said that repeated customers buy these products. The product Abreva is said to cause lesions on persons using it, but there are customers who use Abreva also. It is always advisable to consult your consultant before using any of these products for chronic cold sores.




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