Medications for Cold Sores Cure

Cold sores are caused due to the herpes simplex virus, which attacks the skin and nervous system. Cold Sores Cure can be achieved through different types of cold sores medications available and also through home remedies. In most of the cases cold sores go away without any special treatment. Some of the home treatments are available for Cold Sores Cure. The most common home treatment for Cold Sores Cure is holding some ice wrapped in a cloth on the sore. For Cold Sores Cure a prescription pill named as “valtrex” can be made use. The valtrex is described as a one-day treatment and should be taken on the physicians’ advice only. Valtrex is proposed to healthy adults and for persons with weak immune system should have to consult their doctor.

The next home remedy for Cold Sores Cure is that placing a moisturized tea bag over the cold sore forming area for sometime. It is studied that the tannic acid present in the tea is having the antiviral property. Most of the medications used for Cold Sores Cure are containing the tannic acid. Petroleum jelly is another home remedy meant for the Cold Sores Cure. Since petroleum jelly is a moisturizing agent it softens the cold sores, which prevent the cold sores from cracking and bleeding. Herbal remedies exist for Cold Sores Cure. The tea tree oil and some herbal antiseptics are used for the treatment in order to attain the Cold Sores Cure.

As the herbal treatments are to be used properly, only after the approval of a physician with the knowledge of herbal treatment they should be used. Several small treatments are available for Cold Sores Cure. To attain the Cold Sores Cure you can try by applying the cornstarch paste on the cold sores affected areas. Another way to gain Cold Sores Cure is acidophilus. By taking acidophilus along with the milk it will speed up the healing. For Cold Sores Cure though it is not formally announced most of the users from their experience describe the fact that taking the amino acid L-lysine has narrowed the cold sore. Camphor is also said to be playing an important role in the curing cold sores.




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