Treating Herpes Simplex in Pregnancy

Any expectant parent has to be cautious during the third trimester of their pregnancy. Since herpes simplex in pregnancy during the third trimester is more dangerous and this may cause neonatal complications in the babies that are born. Herpes simplex in pregnancy is better to be avoid and extra precautions have to be taken so that the pregnant woman doesn’t get herpes simplex in pregnancy. The type of virus that mostly causes herpes simplex in pregnancy is the herpes simplex virus 2 which is otherwise called the genital herpes.

Any pregnant women should be well-informed about the herpes simplex in pregnancy, since the knowledge about herpes would help them in preventing the infection from occuring to them. Herpes simplex in pregnancy is often spread to the infant during birth if the virus is present in the birth canal during delivery. You have to prevent any person infected with this virus in kissing the baby to avoid contracting the infection by the baby. In rare instances the virus is spread by touch, if the person infected, touches the cold sores and then touches the baby. Hence the effects of herpes simplex in pregnancy should be known to the pregnant woman.

Herpes simplex in pregnancy may affect the skin, eye and mouth of the baby and also cause damage to the central nervous system sometimes. Medication if given early may help in preventing lasting damages due to herpes simplex in pregnancy. Herpes simplex in pregnancy before the third trimester is not dangerous to the babies that are born. If the pregnant woman is infected during the third trimester, she would not have produced sufficient antibodies against the virus, and hence this may affect the newly born baby, since there is no natural protection for the baby. It is better consult your doctor, whether you have herpes simplex in pregnancy. If a women has acquired herpes simplex in pregnancy the doctor who is checking that women should not use foetal scalp monitor, since this will puncture the scalp of the baby and allow HSV to pass through to the baby. The pregnant women have to inform the doctor so that foetal scalp monitor is not done.




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