Causes and Remedies for Herpes simplex infection

Herpes simplex is a type of virus that causes cold sores on the person with herpes simplex infection. These blisters are filled with clear fluid or sometimes cloudy fluid. Herpes simplex infection is spread when a person affected with herpes simplex kisses another person. This herpes simplex infection thus spreads through contacts. Herpes simplex infection may not appear on the person infected with this virus immediately after the infection. Cold sores appear due to some triggering event like exposing one self to sunlight. Such triggers start the blisters to appear on the skin. Herpes simplex infection is also spread with the use of the same towel used by the infected person. It is also advised to avoid using the same utensils used by the person who has herpes simplex infection.

Lots of treatments are available for herpes simplex infection. During the initial stage of the herpes simplex infection, it is advised to take vitamin-C and vitamin-E to avoid long duration of the herpes simplex infection. Products and medicines which more zinc in it is also applied on the skin of the person who has herpes simplex infection, on the affected areas to reduce the duration of the infection. Products like Pure Lip have more zinc content than any other similar product. Hence this product is used by lots of customers to reduce the duration of herpes simplex infection. This product is also used as a cure for chronic herpes simplex infection.

It is said that native Americans have used herbs like chaparral (Larrea tridentata) to heal herpes simplex infection. Di-methyl sulfoxide is applied on the cold sores caused by herpes simplex infection to restrain the growth of the herpes simplex virus. This dimethyl sulfoxide is applied mostlly during the initial stages of the herpes simplex infection, to avoid any further growth of that virus, thus preventing any serious and severe outbreak of cold sores, due to herpes simplex infection. Most people apply aloe juice on the cold sores as a part of the treatment dones at home for herpes simplex infection.




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