Herpes Simplex Symptoms & its Serious Outbursts

A person gets affected by Herpes Simplex virus at an early stage in their life time and this virus remains dormant for quite sometime until puberty. Herpes simplex symptoms does not appear immediately when the person is affected by this virus. Mostly after puberty only this virus is reactivated by external agents like fever, exposure to sunlight or menstruation. Only during the period of reactivation the herpes simplex symptoms begin to appear in the body. This causes the blisters to appear on the skin. These blisters are filled with clear fluid like substance. The reddening of the skin prior to the appearance of the blisters is one of the main herpes simplex symptoms that occur in a person.

There are many herpes simplex symptoms that can be noted by a person. Keeping an eye on these herpes simplex symptoms will help a person to cure the cold sores as quickly as possible. By making notes of these herpes simplex symptoms a person can take precautionary measures prevent a severe outbreak of cold sores.The upper part or the lower part of the body of a person will have these herpes simplex symptoms. The herpes simplex symptoms that appear on the upper part of the body are due to the activeness of the HSV1 virus which is otherwise called the Herpes simplex virus 1. The herpes simplex symptoms that appear on the lower part of the body is caused by HSV2. The appearance of blisters on the lower part is mostly on the genitals of a person.

Unpleasant tingling feeling on the skin, fever, headache, pain in the throat when swallowing the foods some of the most commonly found herpes simplex symptoms. Some people also have inflammation on the gums of their mouth, which is also another herpes simplex symptoms that is found in most of the people. Childrens are also affected by herpes simplex virus, and the common herpes simplex symptoms that appear in the children are fever and throat infection. If the throat is affected the ability of the children to eat is much affected. It is advisable that people don’t pick up the cold sores, since this action may spread the infection to other parts of the body.




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