Methods that help in Prevention of Cold Sores

As a popular quote says that prevention is better than cure for any disease, prevention of cold sores is a better option to choose than to take medicines to cure it. Hence it is advisable for people to check the options on prevention of cold sores. There are many methods to achieve prevention of cold sores. It is known that cold sores is caused by the herpes simplex virus. It is not that cold sores appear as soon as the virus infects a person. When this virus is triggered by some event it stays in the body for many years and cold sores may appear at some point in the life.

Cold sores spreads even when a person who is affected by the herpes simplex virus, kisses some other person who is not affected by this virus. Hence this virus spreads through contacts. If you know that a person is affected by the herpes simplex virus, it is better to restrain contact with that person and hence prevention of cold sores is achieved. Prevention of Cold sores can also be achieved if a person avoids sex with a person affected by genital herpes. If a person is affected by herpes simplex virus and if he doesn’t get any symptoms, then exposure to sunlight may trigger this virus and cold sores may appear. Hence prevention of cold sores is achieved by not exposing yourself to sunlight if you know that you are infected with that virus.

Stress relieving programs are also conducted as a part of prevention of cold sores, since the cold sores can also be triggered by stress. As a part of prevention of cold sores, you should avoid to use the same towel that is used by an infected person. Prevention of Cold sores is also achieved by not using the same razor of the person who is affected by cold sores. Avoid using the same utensils used by the affected person as a method of prevention of cold sores. As a method of prevention of cold sores it is advised to change the tooth brush and to wash your hands. Prevention of Cold sores can also be achieved by person who are frequently affected by this virus by strenthening their immune system. Herbs like echinacea and goldenseal are taken to boost immune system and help in prevention of cold sores.




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