Symptoms of herpes simplex that Needs Attention

The most common symptoms of herpes simplex is an unpleasant feeling on the skin. The area in which a person has some unpleasant feeling is likely to have blisters in the near future. Before the appearance of the cold sores these symptoms of herpes simplex will appear. The skin may also become reddened. This is also one of the symptoms of herpes simplex. After these symptoms occurs the blisters will start to come on the skin. The upper and lower part of the body of a person will have symptoms of herpes simplex. For most of the people the symptoms of herpes simplex appear in the mouth and in the lower part of the body the symptoms of herpes simplex appear in the genitals. If the cold sores appear in the genitals it is called genital herpes. Genital herpes are caused by HSV2.

Once the symptoms of herpes simplex appear on the body, the person who is affected should take some precautionary steps to limit the outbreak of cold sores. Thus taking the precautionary steps a person can reduce the impact and severity of the herpes simplex. Hence it is advisable to keep an eye on the symptoms of herpes simplex. The precautionary steps that can reduce the impact are application of ointments and creams that contain zinc as one of its main constituents. Application of these ointments and creams after the symptoms of herpes simplex appear, would help in reducing the duration of cold sores in a person.

To escape from severe cold sores some people also use lemon balm during the initial stages of the cold sores. Immediately after the symptoms of herpes simplex appears, a person can use the herbs like chapparal and lomatium to reduce the duration of the cold sores. Vitamin-C and Vitamin-E are taken by most of the people once the symptoms of herpes simplex appears. These vitamins also help in reducing the impact of cold sores. Plain yoghurt is also recommended to be taken after the symptoms of herpes simplex appears.




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