Different Ways to Treat Cold Sores

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus. This causes blisters filled with clear fluid to appear on the skin. You can treat cold sores using allopathic medicines, natural medicines and homeopathic medicines. Allopathic creams like aciclovir 5 per cent cream are used to treat cold sores. When you treat cold sores using this cream you need to apply this cream at least five times daily for five days. This cream is used to treat cold sores effectively.

During the initial stages of cold sores, you can treat cold sores with zinc applied topically so that the cold sores are cured as quickly as possible. Some people treat cold sores with aloe juice at home. This method of home treatment is often used to treat cold sores. There are many anti-HSV pills available in the market to treat cold sores. Many home remedies are also available to treat cold sores at home itself. Of them the most common treatments available at home to treat cold sores are applying cornstarch to the areas of the skin affected by cold sores. Another method to treat cold sores at home is to create a mixture of spirit and camphor and then apply that mixture to the areas affected by cold sores. It is said that this mixture is more effective to treat cold sores.

When you treat cold sores it is recommended to take vitamin-C and vitamin-E as a supplementary to the treatment. If you treat cold sores along with these vitamins, the duration of the cold sores is drastically reduced. Dimethyl sulfoxide in cotton balls is applied to the cold sores when you treat cold sores. This also helps in reducing the duration of the cold sores when you treat cold sores. During the initial stages of the breakout of the cold sores some people apply ice cubes on the cold sores so reduce the activity of the virus. Lemon balm is also applied on the sores to treat cold sores. Lemon balm reduces the symptoms and expedites the healing process when you treat cold sores using lemon balm.




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