Various Eczema Medicines

Topical eczema medicines effectively control the signs and symptoms of eczema, in mild cases. Serrious cases require systemic eczema medicines that are usually taken orally or given by injection or infusion in some cases. The eczema medicines that are prescribed to cure the condition effectively control itching, reduce skin inflammation, and clear infection.

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In addition, the eczema medicines help loosen and remove scaly lesions and reduce the formation of new lesions. The eczema medicines used to treat the condition can be chemical based or herbal based. The chemical based eczema medicines cause some harmful side effects. Antibiotics are eczema medicines that are effective in destroying the bacteria that causes infection. These eczema medicines available both as topical medicatons and systemic medications are prescribed to cure mild cases of infection.

Antihistamines are eczema medicines that do not directly cure the symptoms of eczema. Instead, these eczema medicines provide a restful sleep to the patients that helps decrease the severity of the condition and help improve the quality of life of the patient. These eczema medicines are usually prescribed for severe cases. Calcineurin inhibitors are one of the other commonly used eczema medicines, which effectively reduce the inflammation caused due to eczema.

Pimecrolimus and tacrolimus are eczema medicines that come under the category of calcineurin inhibitors. These eczema medicines available in topical form by prescription do not produce side effects, such as thinning skin and loss of effectiveness. In addition, these eczema medicines can be used for longer peroids of time than topical corticosteroids. Coal tar is one of the other eczema medicines, that helps reduce the inflammation and itching. Coal tar is one of the eczema medicines that provides a soothing effect on inflamed skin and does not cause any serious side effects.




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