Commonly used Eczema Treatments

Most of the eczema treatments involve the use of topical steroids and non-steroidal medications. The topical steroids used in eczema treatments are available in varying strengths. The topical steroids of mild strength when prescribed as part of eczema treatments can be used even on sensitive areas such as the face and can be bought over-the-counter without a prescription.

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The topical steroids of greater strengths which include mid-potent steroids and super-potent steroids cannot be got over-the-counter and so require a prescription. The super-potent steroids are generally not prescribed to children as part of eczema treatments. The topical steroids cause side effects such as skin thinning and stretch marks when used for longer periods in a particular area. Some of the commonly used mid-potency steroids in eczema treatments include Cutivate, Dermatop, Elocon, and 0.1% Triamcinolone. Some of the commonly used non-steroidal medications in eczema treatments include Elidel and Protopic.

Immunomodulators are a new type of medications that is being widely used in eczema treatments. The immunomodulators are mainly prescribed for children as part of eczema treatments. These medications used in eczema treatments can be applied on all the affected areas including the face. The immunomodulators prescribed as part of eczema treatments, do not work fast as topical steroids and may require four to six weeks to show better results. These medications prescribed as part of eczema treatments, if used in the initial sign of itching or a rash can help avoid flare-ups.

Oral steroids are prescribed as part of eczema treatments, for severe cases of eczema. These types of medications are used in eczema treatments only if both topical steroids and non-steroidal medications do not respond to the symptoms. Oral medications are used in eczema treatments only finally, as they cause some serious side effects. Antihistamines are one of the other types of medications commonly used in eczema treatments. This type of medications is usually prescribed as part of eczema treatments, if the itching interferes with sleep of an individual. To help those patients sedating antihistamine such as Benadryl or Atarax are usually prescribed as part of eczema treatments. Cold compresses are also used as part of eczema treatments, to control the intense scratching caused by eczema. Some of the other common eczema treatments include wet dressings, ultraviolet light therapy, and the use of immunosuppressive drugs.




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