Various Home Remedies For Eczema

Eczema is type of skin disease, some rashes will occur and itching in that area. Many remedies are there to cure eczema. So as we now see about the home remedies for eczema, some list of home remedies for eczema are as follows first one is applying the paste of nutmeg in the affected area gives the good result, second one is avoiding all types of dairy products like milk so on it helps to clear the eczema completely, applying the paste of sandalwood with camphor on the affected area.

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Taking the food, which contains vitamin A, D, E, B complex, iron and zinc are best home remedies for eczema. Drinking Aloe Vera juice or applying aloe Vera gel on the affected area is one of the home remedies for eczema.Some of Americans use witch hazel, applying it in the affected area with the cotton ball it give good result and the easy home remedies for eczema. Another home remedies for eczema are eating lots of fruits and vegetables that contain negative calories. Some of the vegetables that are used as the home remedies for eczema are carrot, cabbage, beetroot, and tomato so on. Some of the fruits that are used, as home remedies for eczema, which contain negative calories are apple, lemon, papaya, mango, orange, grapes so on. According to Indian home remedies for eczema castor oil is the effect one, adding five drops of castor oil to the juice or plain water taken on an empty stomach in the morning.

Lime, banana are effective home remedies for eczema, lime cur any type of allergy. In a glass of Luke warm water squeezed the half slice lemon then added honey to it. It is taken daily. It gives good results for curing eczema. Another home remedies for eczema is, that by adding one tablespoon of honey and vinegar to the instant tea, drinking 2 times a week helps to cure eczema. Rose hip oil is given as the home remedies for eczema the active ingredient present in rose lip oil is trans retnoic acid, it helps to cure the eczema. The above said home remedies for eczema are effective and give good results




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