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According to the home remedy for eczema is concerned there are different styles some of them are homeopathic home remedy for eczema, Herbal home remedy for eczema. Some of the basic home remedy for eczema is as follows like applying the sandal wood paste on the affected area with the camphor, and then applying the paste of nutmeg and honey in the affected area. Some of the fruits and vegetables also plays important role in the home remedy for eczema.

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Homeopathic home remedy for eczema is effective. In the homeopathic home remedy for eczema, the medicines used are antimonium crudum, arsenicum album, calcarea carbonica, calendula, graphites, petroleum, and sulphur. Coconut oil is used as the home remedy for eczema, it is applied on the eczema, and some of the juices like carrot juice, tomato juice are used as the home remedy for eczema. Every one should drink plenty of drinking water it will wipe out all toxic present in the body it is very good home remedy for eczema.

Herbs used in the home remedy for eczema is burdock, plantin, comfrey, pancy these are given in the form of ointment, home made products are also available for the home remedy for eczema. Some of the vitamins like B5, E, A, zinc and iron gives good result the fruits and vegetables which contain these vitamins are taken it is used as the home remedy for eczema.Another common home remedy for eczema is to applying olive oil or rose hip oil on the eczema. The herbs and easily available home products are used as a home remedy for eczema.Herbal tea known as skin tea is given for the cure of eczema some of the ingredients present in it are Gotu Kola, Yellow Dock root, Burdock root Red Clover flowers, Sarsaparilla root.




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