Knowledge of the Various Types of Eczema

Eczema is a very popular skin ailment that can get irritatingly itchy, reddens the skin, as well as causes the skin to become very dry. For extreme cases of the infections caused to the skin because of eczema antibiotics must be used. Although eczema is commonly seen in the arms, legs, as well as knee regions, it can infect the entire body as well.

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Almost twenty percent of the total population of children in the United States is affected by eczema. However, eczema can strike any person of any age. Although there is nothing discovered for curing eczema, by gaining the knowledge of the type of eczema it would be useful for the doctor to prescribe a treatment that would soothe the symptoms caused to the patient.

The most common type of eczema is atopic dermatitis. Almost most of the adults get affected by this skin ailment, however, it is popular in children of age one. Also, this is hereditary and children who have a family history of fever and asthma can acquire this condition.

The skin can get aggravated and start flaring due to conditions such as pollen as well as food reactions especially with eggs. An allergy test must be taken in order to determine the accuracy of the root cause of the problem. Once you get to know the triggering causes, avoid those foods and stay away from such environmental conditions. The other creams that relieve the symptoms of eczema are corticosteroid creams.

The other common type of eczema is contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis commonly occurs when the skin that has some rash is kept in contact with poisonous substances such as poison ivy as well as perfume. On the brighter side, the skin begins to heal once the skin is not in contact with those allergens.

However, the skin will take up to weeks together to heal. Certain creams can be used to avoid the itchiness as well as the redness caused such as an over the counter corticosteroid cream or even an oral antihistamine like Benadyal.

The other type of eczema that is common on the face and scalp is seborrheic dermatitis. All those who are affected by this type of eczema have a very oily scalp and patchy skin on the face. In infants it is called cradle cap and it is called dandruff for adults.

Stress and oily skin causes this condition. Such a skin condition does not cause itching. A sulfur rich shampoo will usually be prescribed to you by doctor for dandruff, and in the other areas the application of ointments that are rich in vitamin B6 is recommended.

You can treat eczema when you have knowledge of the types of eczema. If you acquire the right treatment for eczema you can be eczema free.

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