Effective Treatment for Eczema

Treatment for eczema involves the use of medications both chemical and herbal, techniques, and therapies. Some of the steroidal medications used in the treatment for eczema causes serious side effects when used for longer periods. As a result, any treatment for eczema needs to be guided by a doctor or a health care provider.

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Treatment for eczema varies depending on the appearance of the lesions which could be acute weeping lesions, dry scaly lesions, chronic dry lesions, or thickened lesions. Each of these lesions needs to be treated differently. Food allergens and irritants such as wool and lanolin need to be avoided during the course of a treatment for eczema, as these could aggravate the symptoms.The use of lubricating cream as part of treatment for eczema helps trap the moisture in the skin and as a result maintain the natural properties of the skin.

Being stress free during the course of treatment for eczema, helps cure the symptoms as stress is supposed to be one of the causes of eczema. Constant temperature changes should be avoided during the course of the treatment for eczema, as it can cause sweating and aggravate the condition.

Soothing moisturizers, mild soaps, or wet dressings are used in the treatment for eczema, to cure the weeping lesions. Low potency topical corticosteroids and mild anti-itch lotions are used in the treatment for eczema, to cure the dry scaly lesions.

Treatment for eczema in cases of chronic thickened areas involves the used of creams or ointments containing tar compounds and medium to very high potency corticosteroids. In severe cases, the treatment for eczema involves the use of systemic corticosteroids to reduce the inflammation.

Topical immunomodulators are a new type of medications which are being widely used in the treatment for eczema. These steroid-free medications prescribed as part of treatment for eczema, shows better results compared to the topical steroids and non-steroidal medications. Some of the common immunomodulators used in the treatment for eczema include tacrolimus and ascomycin.




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