Best cure for falling hair

Hair loss remedies are a billion dollar industry since millions of people worldwide suffer from hair loss. The cure for falling hair can be achieved only after assessing the cause for falling.

The falling hair is mainly due to hormonal imbalance of thyroid and pituitary. Consult your doctor to conduct relevant tests to rule out this possibility. If you are going for this cause, the health care professional would recommend a course of appropriate drugs to solve the problem. Baldness and hair loss may occur due to excessive amount of DHT, a component of male hormone. If the hair loss is mainly due to this problem, the doctor would put you antiandrogenic drug therapy. In women, treatment is called CPA (cyproterone acetate) with ethinyl-estradiol. The therapy typically lasts for a period of one year.

Scientists concentrated on developing new drugs for the cure of falling hair. One such drug is minoxidil (more popularly known as Rogaine). Another drug called finasteride also being used for hair loss cure. But it has limited usage in females. Another important cure for your falling hair is hair transplantation. This is a surgical technique to treat hair loss. The scalp from the sides and back of the head where the hair grows well is extracted for this operation. This scalp will be implanted on those regions of the head, which are bald. Hair will re-grow in these areas because the hair follicles in the side and the back of the head are immune to falling of hair.

However, it is an expensive procedure. It costs about $15,000 and consumes 1-2 years for re-growth. Hair weaving is not a surgical method for hair loss. This cosmetic procedure attaches extensions of natural or synthetic hair. Tissue expansion is a new treatment regime also being followed to cure hair loss. In this procedure, silicone bags are inserted beneath hair- bearing skin to expand the tissues. This is then transferred to the areas with a hair loss or baldness. The scalp of the dirt, dandruff and excess oil should be cleaned off to prevent falling of hair.




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