Hair Fall Problem - An Overview

Hair falling is caused due to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The reasons of hair fall problems are Heredity, hormones and aging. These problems are both for male and female. Some of the reason may differ between male and female.

For women hair falls takes place during their pregnancy. Other casual factors for hair falling is poor circulation, high fever, high level of stress, poor diet, diabetes, lack of irons and vitamins, sudden weight loss and lack of proper nutrition. Using unconditioned shampoo that will create hair falling and irritating. The using of dyes and bleaching, creams contain chemical may also give the same problems. Hair falling occurs due to many reasons. Using the best conditioned shampoo should clean the scalp with out producing irritation. Water and air pollution also create hair falling.

Use of common combs and brushes must be avoided. To get healthy hair use conditioned shampoo and oil contains herbals. Eating well balanced diet, of irons, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. There is no age limit in hair falling. Eating of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheese, fish and drink plenty of water. It helps to get rid of the problem. Doing exercise, yoga, meditation for fifteen minutes a day help the body function well and improve the circulation of blood. And have a peaceful and undisturbed sleep at night this helps you to reduce the tension and stress.

Dandruff is the one of the main reason of hair falling. To get rid of dandruff is cleaning the hair with conditioned shampoo and other herbal products. During childbirth women may hair falling because of hormone changes. If the problems of hair falling were not treated it becomes baldness. Stress is responsible for causing all types of problems mainly hair fall problems. Applying shampoos, bleaching items contains chemicals hair becomes dry and weak when there is loss of moisture. And this leads to the hair splitting, breaking and rough.




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