Commonly available hair fall treatment

Basically, one of the origin causes of hair fall is stress. If some one got stress means, it is very likely that this is contributing to hair fall, and outer remedies may not help.

Continue steaming hair with olive oil, it is good for hair falling. And do yoga or meditation to relax. Use nizoral two times in a week because it contains some chemical. Some shampoos are like to be detergent, so use mild shampoo for daily wash. Henna is conditioner but using it often makes the hair brittle, leading to breakage. Take oil bath once in a week and wash it with cold water. Don’t take any chemical treatment for hair it will leads to a bad condition. Avoid hair coloring, bleaching to hair, dyeing and straightening is very harmful to your hair.

Applying egg to hair avoids brittleness, dry hair, chemical damage etc and makes the hair soft and shine. Consulting a doctor for hair falling is best. Doing exercise helps us. Lack of nutrients in body also makes hair to fall. Homeopathy treatment can cure hair falling and baldness. Homeopathy medicine is very safe and not creates any side effects and does not affect your body in any bad manner. Hair transplant method is also help to treat hair falling. It needs operation that exact parts of the scalp from the sides and back of the head.

By doing this method of treatment we can avoid baldness. Hair weaving is not a surgical method for hair loss it is a cosmetic method attaches extensions of natural or synthetic hair. Eating more fruits and fresh vegetables, fish, coconut, Vitamins A and B complex and eggs will give more energy and control of hair falling. Allopathic medicines may help slow or prevent the development of common baldness. Without a prescription the medicine named minoxidil is available in medical shops. It can be use by both males and females. Put minoxidil in the morning and before to bed.




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