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The reason for most of the men losing hair may be due to heredity, hormones and age. When it comes to heredity, it can be either from the mother side or from the father’s side or both. It is believed that hair loss is due to heredity from the mother’s side, but it is not so. Hair regrowth treatment is available in plenty for all these causes.

Some remedies used in hair regrowth treatment are to conceal the hair loss. Hair regrowth treatment has become essential now-a-days since it affects the self-confidence of the person affected. Hair regrowth shampoos are available in the market, which is widely used in hair regrowth treatment. High fever and severe flu may cause hair to fall out. This is automatically corrected by itself. Thyroid disease and inadequate protein in the diet may also cause hair to fall out.

Folligen hair loss treatment is practiced for hair regrowth. This treatment uses a formulation of copper peptides, which passes the important nutrients to the hair follicle directly. This improves the hair regrowth performance. Hair regrowth treatment using folligen treatment can use folligen therapy spray, cream or lotion. This product is available in all the three forms mentioned above.Hair regrowth treatment can be done using products like Hair Energizer.

Women can also use this product. Hair energizer helps in preventing in thinning of hair, hair fall and improves hair regrowth. Tricomin spray, tricomin revitalizing shampoo, and tricomin restructuring conditioner are used in hair regrowth treatment. Tricomin hair loss treatment can include all the tricomin products mentioned above. Hair regrowth treatment using tricomin products include copper peptides that supplies nutrient copper directly to the hair follicle which has a positive effect on hair growth.





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A Proven All Natural Hair Loss Treatment
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