About Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss causes can be of different and varied nature on each individual. The most common causes that are considered are heredity, aging, and hormonal imbalance. Heredity and aging are one among the hair loss causes which is found in a certain proportion of the people. If heredity is one of the causes, then it can be from the mother’s side or the father’s side.

There is a common belief that hereditary hair loss causes are from the mother’s side, but it is not true. Hormonal imbalance in an individual play a major role as one of the hair loss causes based on which most of the medications are formulated. DHT is called the dihydrotestosterone which is a byproduct of testosterone. This hormone is responsible for hair loss and baldness in individuals. Imbalance of this hormone is one of the hair loss causes that is of concern. Excess levels of DHT may cause hair loss.

DHT is found at higher levels only during puberty, when the secondary sexual characteristics develop. After puberty if this hormone persists at higher level, this may cause hair loss and baldness. Medications formulated to eradicate these hair loss causes would neutralize the DHT found in the scalp of the individual and thus prevent hair loss.Androgenic Alopecia otherwise called male pattern baldness or hair loss is one of the hair loss causes.

Alopecia Areata Childbirth is one of the other causes that occur in women who gave birth. The other hair loss causes are High Fever, Severe Infection, and Severe Flu. These conditions may also cause hair loss in a person. If these conditions go away, then naturally the hairs will grow. Thyroid disease may also cause hair loss. Treating thyroid disease is the cure for such hair loss causes. Proper nutrition with rich protein will also help in preventing hair loss.





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