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Heredity, aging, and hormonal imbalance are said to be the major reasons for hair loss in a person. There are hair loss solutions available for all these causes. Of the three mentioned above the third one which is hormonal imbalance plays an important role in hair loss. Hence most the hair loss solutions developed hair treatment focus on neutralizing the hormones.

DHT called dihydrotestosterone plays a major role in hair loss. This byproduct of testosterone is produced in large levels during puberty. Even after puberty if this hormone is present in excess levels then hair loss and baldness will occur. Hence hair loss solutions try to neutralize the effect of DHT.The popular hair loss solutions that are available in the market are Propecia, Rogaine, Hair Renew, Minoxidil, Folligen, and Follicare. There are other hair loss solutions available in the form of kits which contains supplemental tablets, shampoos, conditioners, and scalp lotions.

Hair Renew is one of the hair loss solutions that are formulated for women only. This product cleanses the scalp, nourishes the hair follicles and neutralizes the DHT present in the scalp. DHT if present in the hair follicles, it will block the essential nutrients that need to flow to the hair follicle. Viviscal is one of the hair loss solutions that contain a marine extract that provides the necessary amino acids (proteins) to the hair follicle to keep it healthier.

Viviscal products are available in the form of tablets, conditioners, shampoos, and scalp lotions. Hair genesis is another potential hair loss solutions that have all natural botanical DHT blockers. This helps in preventing hair loss. This product is available in the form of oral supplements, topical serum, shampoo, and conditioner. Hair loss solutions like hair energizer come with jojoba oil and other vitamin tablets apart from the regular shampoo and lotion.





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A Proven All Natural Hair Loss Treatment
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