Different Ways to Stop Hair Loss

Hair loss may be caused by DHT. DHT is the dihydrotestosterone a hormone which is a byproduct of testosterone and responsible for secondary sexual charactertistics in human being. Controlling this DHT is a way to stop hair loss.

The other causes for hair loss could be aging and heredity. High Fever, Severe Infection, and Severe Flu are also the causes for hair loss. To stop hair loss due to the above reasons the infection or the fever has to get cured. Even after curing the hair loss may be there but it would be rectified automatically. Persons with thyroid dysfunction or disease may have hair loss associated with it. To stop hair loss due to thyroid disease proper treatment has to be given for the thyroid disease.

Abnormal eating habits and crash diets with low protein should be avoided. To stop hair loss you can take food that has rich protein in them. Some of the medicines used for the treatment arthritis, depression, heart problems, and high blood pressure may also cause hair loss. It is found that such hair shedding is temporary only. Taking some birth control pills also would result in hair thinning and falling. To stop hair loss due to birth control pills, they can consult a doctor and switch to some other birth control pills.

NuGen Hp is an all natural hair loss treatment that is available in the market to stop hair loss. This kit has a follicle enhancer and a turbo accelerator to produce thicker and healthier hair. Follicare is another product that is used to stop hair loss. This product is formulated especially for men. It has minoxidil as a topical agent and some vitamins. There are electro therapies available to stop hair loss and to stimulate hair growth and hair follicles.





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A Proven All Natural Hair Loss Treatment
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