Stopping Hair Loss - An Overview

Medications in the form of oral drugs, shampoos, conditioners, and scalp lotions are available for stopping hair loss. Intake of proper diet which is rich in proteins would also help in stopping hair loss. Although oral drugs like propecia are used, it is not recommended for women since it may cause defective birth in the case of pregnant women.

Propecia also causes lack of sex drive and impotency in men. Rogaine is another medication that is used in stopping hair loss. This has to be used for 3 to 4 months for seeing any positive result. In the earlier days Rogaine was used to treat high blood pressure.NuGen Hp is an all natural medication that is tried on in stopping hair loss. Its transdermal delivery system delivers proper nutrients to the hair follicles and helps them in the growth of normal and healthy hairs.

The ingredients of NuGen Hp are found to be DHT blockers. Blocking DHT in the scalp is found to improve the health of the hairs. It helps in stopping hair loss by balancing the enzyme 5AR, which is responsible for the production of DHT. Hair Renew is a product that is formulated especially for stopping hair loss in women.Hair stimulator is a product that is helpful in stopping hair loss. This product uses pulse electro therapy to stimulate hair follicles and healthy hair growth.

A combination of acupuncture therapy, magnetic therapy, and pulse electro therapy is used to allow vital nutrients to the hair follicles. Hair stimulator has to be used twice a day for 15 to 20 minutes for positive results. Follicare is a hair care system designed for men in stopping hair loss. This system supplies the essential vitamins and minerals to the hair follicle and thus helps in stopping hair loss.





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A Proven All Natural Hair Loss Treatment -
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A Proven All Natural Hair Loss Treatment
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