Laser Hair Removal Treatment-The process

A popular and painless form of hair removal is the laser hair removal. This laser treatment is preferred by all as there is no pain induced unlike waxing and using razors which are painful and do not give a permanent solution to this hair removal. There are no cuts and wounds after the laser hair removal.

Laser type of hair removal is not only a painless method but also a permanent solution to get rid of unwanted hair. The hair in different parts of the body and the facial hair are got rid of with the help of laser. The laser acts on the roots of the hair follicles thus removing the hair permanently.

The skin and the hair of the person is an important factor that determines whether the person can have laser hair removal. Not all can go for this type of treatment. The consulting doctor can guide the person in this matter.

People with dark skin will have good effect of laser hair removal than the people who are blond with blond hair. The skin pigmentation gets lighter and put an end to the hair follicles so they stop growing. The people with blond hair will have no effect of the laser treatment so it is better they do not opt this type of hair removal treatment.

Many clinics do this laser treatment. You can select the one in your area considering the cost of the treatment and the physician who is an expert in this laser therapy.

Make sure that you skin is devoid of creams and lotions when you go for this laser hair removal. The chemicals in the creams can cause a harmful affect on the skin due to the beam of light given during laser treatment. It may even hamper the process of laser treatment, which will cause the hair removal difficult.

A gel used over the skin keeps the skin cool during the process when the beam of light passes over the hair follicles with the help of a handy gadget. Some people feel a slight uneasiness during the laser treatment but it disappears once the process is over.

Once the first sitting is over it is better to take the advice of the doctor to know if you will need another or a series of sittings to have a complete hair removal.

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