About Permanent Hair Removal System

Permanent hair removal system is the one that destroy the hairs permanently. Any device or method that uses to eliminate hairs permanently is said to be a permanent hair removal system. Electrolysis and Laser treatments are said to be permanent hair removal system.

There are devices in the market that uses this method. Electrolysis destroys the hair follicle at the root so that it does not grow again. This destruction is done by passing AC or DC current to the hair follicle.
A person using a permanent hair removal system would have noticed that hairs grow in the area in which it was destroyed. It is the new hair that grows due to hormonal changes or it will be the untreated hair. A hair that was treated with a permanent hair removal system would never grow as it is already destroyed by electrolysis.

The same principle applies to the permanent hair removal system that uses laser technology. Laser beams are passed to the hair follicle to generate heat and the hair follicle is destroyed by this heat. In the earlier days there were laser that used to heat a carbon lotion that is applied to the hair follicles and thus destroys the hair follicles. In this type of treatment the hair is waxed first and the carbon lotion is applied to that area.

The carbon that attaches to the hair follicles is destroyed using laser beams. This is how a permanent hair removal system using laser was done at first. Now technology is more advanced that you don’t need carbon lotions. Instead the permanent hair removal system using lasers just heat the hair follicles and destroy them. Long-pulsed ruby or alexandrite lasers are used in modern permanent hair removal system now-a-days.





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