Permanent Hair Removal - An Overview

It is found that around 80% of the women and around 50% of the men have unwanted hairs in their body. Most of them would like permanent hair removal from the body. Many sports persons in the sports like swimming and cycling want hair removal so that they can increase their competitive speed.

Permanent hair removal can be done in a salon or even at home with the help of the hair removal kits that are available in the market. Using those kits permanent hair removal is so easy. These kits are designed and manufactured for ease of use at home itself. Most of the women prefer permanent hair removal from their face. The upper lips, eyebrows, chin, and the cheeks are those areas preferred for permanent hair removal.

Women who are in the field of swimming and modeling would also like permanent hair removal in the bikini area. Electrolysis and laser treatment are the most preferred methods for permanent removal of hairs. There are also kits available for hair removal using the electrolysis methods. In the electrolysis method a needle is used to destroy the hair follicles by passing the AC or DC current to the hair follicle.

It takes some time for the treatment using electrolysis method since each and every hair follicle has to be treated independently. Laser treatment is another method that is used for permanent hair removal in a person. Laser treatment also take more time like the electrolysis method since each hair follicle has to be destroyed independently. The cost involved in laser treatment method of permanent hair removal is high when compared to the other methods. The cost of laser treatment varies depending upon the geographical location in which the treatment is taken.

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