Heartburn Cures How to Treat and Heal Heartburn

Heartburn is a problem faced by many people throughout the world. Although the reasons may vary all focus at one point and that is the cure for this heartburn. A little manipulation in their lifestyle and food habits can bring a respite from the problem.

Treating Heartburn Naturally

Body posture plays a vital role in getting relieved from heartburn. Sitting or standing straight for at least two hours after food decreases the chances of heartburn. This is a simple cure and can be followed by all.

Stop having heavy and large meals. This puts too much stress on the stomach while digestion. This in turn makes the acid flow upwards to the esophagus resulting in heartburn.

Avoid clothes that are too tight as they too put pressure on the stomach resulting in heartburn.
Foods trigger heartburn. So make a note of the foods taken by you and find out which ones cause heartburn and then avoid them. Spicy foods, caffeine, fatty foods, fried foods, and mint-flavored foods are the usual ones that trigger heartburn. So avoid them as far as possible.

The most effective treatment for heartburn apart from modifying the food habits are medicines. A wide variety of medications is available for this heartburn but the most popular ones are the following. They are of three types.

The first type is the histamine-2 receptor antagonists. These H2 antagonists control the histamine2, which helps in stopping the fresh secretion of acids in the stomach. The second type is the most common medicines that are the antacids, which help in reducing the effect of acids in the stomach. This helps in relieving heartburn very quickly. The third type is the proton pump inhibitors. This puts a check to the formation of acids in the stomach so the acids are reduced preventing heartburn.

Sometimes drugs, which help in clearing the stomach, clears the stomach of acids preventing acid reflux and heartburn. In acute cases where medications do not work, cure for heartburn is with the help of surgery. An expert physician will assess and diagnose the condition and decide on the type of treatment or surgery whichever is necessary to relieve the person of heartburn.

There may also be the need for drugs that will help increase stomach emptying. As the stomach is emptied faster, the possibility of reflux is also reduced. For severe cases that are not well controlled or have resulted in complications, heartburn cures will focus more on the surgical measures. There are several available surgeries, ask your doctor which one will be the most effective for you if you are thinking about getting surgery for your serious case.

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