Try These Proven Natural Heartburn Remedies

What is Heartburn?

Heartburn is not a disease, its just a symptom. One might feel uncomfortable burning sensation in the chest and sometimes feel pain in the chest area directing upwwards to neck, throat and jaw. The symptoms mainly happens immediately after eating, where the acid produced in the stomach leaks and seeps back into food pipe. In medical terms its called pyrosis or acid indigestion.

Treating Heartburn Naturally

Heartburn has become a major problem in today’s life. This is because of the food habit and life style that we follow. So there comes the need to go for remedies. We choose natural heartburn remedies because they are the best remedies available at present. We use many natural elements such as fruits, salt, sugar, water.

Some of simple elements available at home are also used as natural heartburn remedies. First we will see some of the basic and easiest natural heartburn remedies that are commonly used. Add sugar and salt together and have it acts good on heartburn.

Another simple one is drinking water. Drinking 12 cups of water will arrest heartburn.Drinking a glass of milk is one of the best natural heartburn remedies for controlling heartburn. One more simple and commonly used remedy among the natural heartburn remedies is eating cottage cheese.

Eat ½ a cup of cottage cheese slowly. As it contains milk substances it works as a good on heartburn. We have some more natural remedies which are more powerful. Eat fresh papaya or drink papaya juice which is very powerful among the existing natural heartburn remedies.

Chewing ginger is a good and powerful remedy for heartburn. If you are interested in some more remedies here they come.Eating pineapple and drinking pineapple juice is also a good heart burn remedy. Just clean a raw cactus and eat it raw it works naturally on heartburn.

The above two natural heartburn remedies have become very famous. Still there are some more remedies, take a spoon of already prepared yellow mustard when the heartburn begins there stops the heartburn.

Take a raw potato and shred it using a grater and ingest the produce it helps us to arrest the heart burn. As it is not an easy thing to change the life style and food habits it is good to follow these natural heartburn remedies as they mostly give positive results than artificial remedies.

Proven Natural Remedies for Heartburn Symptoms
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Treating Heartburn Naturally

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