Remedy for heartburn - An Overview

Remedy for heartburn is a must in this world because nowadays even the food habits and life style causes the heart burn. So changing the life style and food habits became difficult and so we go for a simple and effective remedy for heartburn. Remedy of a heart burn may be depend on the user habits but there are several remedies that suits every one commonly we can see those common remedies.

Treating Heartburn Naturally

It is not a complicated one it is very simple that you can try it any where any time. First we will see a remedy for heartburn which uses vinegar, take a tablespoon of vinegar there stops the heart burn. There is one more good remedy for heartburn eat ½ cup of cottage cheese slowly the milk content in the cheese controls the acid which tries to come back to esophagus which causes the heart burn. Take sugar and salt mix them together and have it this will stop heart burn.

Before we try for a remedy for heartburn we should be aware of the side effects so it is best to consult a doctor. Consulting a doctor about the remedy it will give you confidence of using it. Remedy for heartburn also includes drinking plenty of water that is 12 cups of water which will arrest acid flux causing heart burn.Take two to six saltine crackers and drink some water when you have symptoms of heart burn it arrests initial stage of heart burn.

Simply drinking of a glass of milk also is a remedy for heartburn as it contains calcium and required proteins. If you are worried about these above stuffs you can go for natural remedy for heartburn you can chew ginger or take two ginger tablets controls heart burn. Remedy for heartburn includes papaya juice taking papaya is good remedy. If these are all not enough here is one more taking ice breaker may help initial stage of heart burn.





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