Treatment of Heartburn-Remedial Measures for Heartburn

Heartburn is a painful and irritating sensation caused due to acid reflux in the stomach, which many people experience. There are simple remedies to get relieved from the problem.

Treating Heartburn Naturally

People suffering from heartburn for a long time have constant problem so have to take the help of a doctor to treat it immediately. Persistent heartburn creates many complications and the doctor decides according to the condition of the problem the type of treatment or remedy.

A slight modification in the food habits and body postures brings great relief to heartburn. Some drinks, foods trigger heartburn and is best when averted. Coffee, tea that contains caffeine loosens the LES that in turn allows the acids to flow upwards resulting in heartburn. Therefore, people with heartburn should avoid coffee and tea.

Citrus fruits and juices, tomato and tomato based foods like pizzas and pastas increase the acids in the stomach creating acidity. Chocolates also induce acidity and heartburn. Spicy, fried and fatty foods take time to digest and so put pressure on the stomach, which in turn creates heartburn.

Eat small and regular meals. Eat the food slowly. These help in the digestion and reduce the pressure on the stomach and keeps heartburn away.

Always sit or stand straight after every meal for at least two to three hours. Keep the head elevated with the help of a pillow while sleeping. All these prevent the backflow of acids. People with heartburn should never eat or drink just before sleep to avoid acid reflux.
Tight fitting clothes like jeans are best when avoided as it puts pressure on the stomach resulting in heartburn.

Shed a few pounds if you are obese or over weight. Nevertheless, this not possible with pregnant woman who are prone to heartburn but they can get relieved with medications after consulting the doctor. Heartburn is a temporary phase for pregnant woman so they need not worry.

Depending on the severity of the condition, seek the help of the doctor when the above remedies do not help. Antacids are the medicines usually prescribed which reduces the affect of the acid bringing relief. Other medications help in the proper digestion, which can avert heartburn.

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