7 Ways to Get Rid of Best Methods for Natural Cure of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids results due to heavy pressure on the veins in the anal area. Sometimes, in rare instances, even pressure on the abdomen can cause hemorrhoids. Likewise, pregnancy can also cause one to have hemorrhoids because of the pressure in the pelvic and rectal area.

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Some other common reason why one gets hemorrhoids are complicated liver disease, standing or sitting for long periods of time, carrying heavy weights, applying too much of body force, sneezing often, bad coughs, frequent laxative usage, pregnancy, as well as weak veins that have been inherited.

Whatever be the cause you can use natural cure for hemorrhoids and some of the common cures include the following.

1. Avoid sitting on your toilet seats for long hours. Use the toilet only when you want to urinate or pass a bowel. When you try forcing out the bowel there are chances of you developing hemorrhoids.

2. Do not be seated on ordinary chairs for long periods of time as you are applying too much of pressure on your buttocks. Suppose your job is thus where you have to sit for a long time, then you must attempt on taking some time off in between to take a stroll around the office.

3. Take in lot of fibrous foods such as cereals, breads, vegetables, as well as fresh fruits. Take in lots of water and a slight change in your food and liquid intake can avoid constipation and soften your stools.

4. Try reducing your weight and by doing this you are indirectly reducing the pressure on your rectal and pelvic area. Keep in mind the ideal weight for your height is the best natural cure for hemorrhoids.

5. Keep away from lifting heavy objects, and if you are compelled to do so then try getting help from someone and if your job compels you to do so you have to do it in the right way or try using some tools to carry the objects that are very heavy.

6. The other effective cure is application of icepacks that relieves the swelling and will shrink all the swollen veins. When applying icepacks, it must not be done on your skin directly as it will cause your skin to burn.

7. Make sure your anus is always dry and clean. Never scrub that area very roughly with your hands. Make use of clean toilet paper while wiping the anus in a very gentle manner. Use very clean water to clean your anus. If there is no water, use baby wipes or clean toilet paper.

If you want to live the way you used to before, apply the natural cure for hemorrhoids that is mentioned in this article.

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