Bleeding Hemorrhoids - An Overview

At present days Hemorrhoids are affected to 35%of population. Hemorrhoids usually occur between the ages of 20 to 55. In hemorrhoids there are two types like internal hemorrhoids, and external hemorrhoids. The bleeding hemorrhoids belong to external hemorrhoids. Bleeding hemorrhoids means bleeding occur in the digestive system, because hemorrhoids is filled with the blood vessels so it will release some amount of blood in the stool, and may cause irritation in the anus, this is called bleeding hemorrhoids.

Treating Hemorrhoids Naturally

Many treatments, remedies are there to cure bleeding hemorrhoids. The symptom for bleeding hemorrhoid is the blood will occur in the toilet paper, and may have blood in the stool also usually bleeding hemorrhoids will be in bright red blood.The tissues in the anal when get enlarged the bleeding hemorrhoids will occur. It is usually removed by surgery to stop enlargement of the tissue, by this way bleeding hemorrhoids is removed. To treat the bleeding hemorrhoids, herbs, Homeopathic medicines are used which give better results in curing the bleeding hemorrhoids. The herb commonly used to cure bleeding hemorrhoids is yarrow, which is a European medicine. Vitamins, fibers, some fruits and vegetables help a lot in healing the hemorrhoids.

Sclerotherapy is used to stop or to eliminate the bleeding hemorrhoids. In this therapy injection is given to reduce the bleeding hemorrhoids. Some of the general measures for bleeding hemorrhoids are to have the sitz bath it will make you free from discomfort, and get cured very soon. It removes pain and swelling. Drugs also helps in having the smooth bowel movement, having smooth bowel movement will reduce the bleeding hemorrhoids. Bleeding hemorrhoids are very common among pregnant women. Hemorrhoids are not life threatening or dangerous disease it is cured completely.

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