Constipation Aggravate Hemorrhoids

Food enters the stomach and then the small intestine. Majority of the digestion and absorption happens in the small intestine. When the food lacks fiber in it, people suffer from constipation making it difficult to pass the body waste out of the system. All of us have constipation once in a while and lasts only for a day or two.

Treating Hemorrhoids Naturally

However, those that have hemorrhoids experience pain, itchy feeling, bleeding during constipation. The bleeding has chunks of swollen varicose veins and tissues of the rectum and anus. During constipation, the hard stool gets blocked in the intestine and rectum and the pushing of colon will be of no help. This is fecal impaction that is very common in children and older people.

Blood in stools or rectal bleeding are symptoms of digestive disorder and colorectal cancer. So, it is very important go get a medical inspection before you conclude on the disorder yourself. Internal hemorrhoids mostly occur on the beginning of the anal canal. Bleeding is one of the most common symptoms of this type of hemorrhoid. At times these hemorrhoids come out of the anal opening while exerting pressure for bowel movements. This type of hemorrhoid is called prolapsed internal hemorrhoid.

To reduce constipation one should eat diet rich in fiber and do exercise regularly. This will eliminate the problem and reduce the risk of surgery. Other non-surgical methods to cure hemorrhoids include hemorrhoidal arterial ligation, photocoagulation, hemorrhoidolysis, rubber banding, super freezing bipolar coagulation, and injection to shrink hemorrhoid.

Hemorrhoids can occur due to aging, pregnancy, straining to pass the stool, chronic constipation, diarrhea or anal intercourse. Though hemorrhoids are not dangerous, severe bleeding can lead to serious health conditions like anemia. Individuals that experience change in bowel patterns that continue more than three days, rectal bleeding during bowel movement, severe rectal pain, constipation with vomiting, or rectal or abdominal pain should immediately take medical help.

Change in color or solidity of stools is a sign of alarm and one must consult a doctor immediately. Some of the common symptoms are discomfort or pain when passing stools, bright red blood tissues in stools, swelling in the anus area, feces leak, painless bleeding during bowel movements, protruding hemorrhoid, and hard lump around anus. However, these symptoms fade away in a few days time.

The best remedy for hemorrhoids is to consume adequate amount of fiber in the daily diet. Eating a balanced diet with the right amount of fiber and fat is as important as exercising. It is highly recommended that individuals drink plenty of fluids, especially water and juices. Hemorrhoids can be painful and quite an upsetting health condition that can occur due to many reasons. But it is an individual’s responsibility to take care of one’s health and get the right medical attention at the right time to lead a healthy and a happy life.

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