Factors that Cause Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a common problem that occurs in an individual’s anal area. The veins in the rectum and anus swell due to pressure on the rectal walls. Almost 70% of the population all over the world suffers from hemorrhoids. Individuals that strain during bowel movements pressurize the rectal and anal veins causing hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids in a common man’s term are piles and are famous for their anal inflammation symptoms.

Treating Hemorrhoids Naturally

Veins swell due to blood clots and these dilate even more when an individual finds it hard to pass stools. In severe cases, the hemorrhoids protrude out of the anus. So, the swelling with inflammation and dilated veins is the most common reason for hemorrhoidal development. Health conditions like diarrhea increases the frequency of the bowel movement, intensifying the pressure on veins causing difficulty in passing stools.

Pregnant women during their third trimester often experience hemorrhoids due to the tremendous pressure on their pelvis area. Post delivery also many women suffer from hemorrhoids due to the strain of pushing the baby out during normal delivery that may cause pressure on the anal area too. Many women suffer from hemorrhoids during their menstrual cycles and have problem flushing their bowel out of their body. But then the body gets adjusted to the condition in a few days time. Obese or people weighing more than their ideal weight are at a high risk of developing hemorrhoids.

There are a few methods through which one can reduce the symptoms and eliminate hemorrhoids. Regular exercising and a balanced diet can drastically reduce the probabilities of hemorrhoidal growth. A balanced diet is rich in nutrition and the required amount of fats and fibers that a human body requires to stay healthy and active. Fibers are good for digestion and helps people pass their bowel movements with out any difficulty. One should make sure to add fresh fruits and green vegetables in their daily diet.

Though there are many factors that influence hemorrhoidal growth, but constipation is one of the most common reasons that can cause hemorrhoids in people. Constipation is a health condition that can occur in people, young or old. The key is to eliminate the factors that cause hemorrhoids. So, it is important to eat healthy and fibrous diet as well as eat a lot of fruits.

Excessive coughing, sneezing, sitting in a place for prolonged hours, pressure on lower abdomen in women during pregnancy, vomiting, poor or inadequate nutrition or fiber in one’s diet, an inactive lifestyle, frequent anal intercourse, and performing strenuous activities are some of the other factors that can increase the risk of hemorrhoidal growths. However, there are a few heath conditions that can lead to hemorrhoids, such as liver cirrhosis, and anal or rectum infections.

What ever may be the cause for hemorrhoids, it is important to consult a doctor as soon as an individual identifies the symptom to get the best treatment option before it becomes too late to eliminate the problem.

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