Hemorrhoids-Know More About Them

Many of us have hemorrhoids in our head but only a few individuals really know what these are. People that have never heard of hemorrhoids should make themselves aware of the health condition so that it is easier for them to identify it if it occurs in them. Hemorrhoids come in various forms, and two main types of hemorrhoids are external and internal hemorrhoids.

Treating Hemorrhoids Naturally

It is very clear from the terms internal and external that internal hemorrhoids are those that develop inside the anus and external hemorrhoids are those that develop outside the body and one can see it with naked eyes. Hemorrhoids form when a person gives too much of pressure on the hemorrhoidal veins located inside the body. People with bowel problem, such as constipation, try hard to ease the bowel movement, thus putting pressure on the internal hemorrhoidal veins. This is the main reason why people with bowel problems develop hemorrhoids. It is the same with external hemorrhoids too. External hemorrhoids develop due to pressure on the anus externally, like from anal sex.

Different people develop different type of hemorrhoids and no one would tolerate this health condition to grow. However, the pain experienced by each individual is different. A few may be lucky not to suffer from pain caused by the hemorrhoids but many experience itching, burning, bleeding, and abscesses around the anus area. IN most cases, the patient does not realize that he or she is suffering from hemorrhoids until they see it on the body. Individuals suffering from hemorrhoids should consult a doctor as soon as they identify or even suspect the problem.

Consulting a doctor can clear many queries and myths. Keep in mind that only because the hemorrhoids are painless it is not safe to keep quite till the problem aggravates. It is better to get it treated immediate. Those that are looking to treat hemorrhoids can also get it treated non-surgically. One can also try hemorrhoid creams that should be applied on the hemorrhoids. This is an effective way to treat hemorrhoids and is good to try before trying another treatment.

Applying cold pack to the affected area is an alternative that one can try at home. This will help reduce the inflammation on the hemorrhoidal area. Doctors recommend surgery depending on the severity of the hemorrhoids. Doctors at first try to curb the problem with the help of medication but if the hemorrhoids turn to be refractory or when all other therapies and treatment fail to show results it will be best to get it operated. Hemorrhoids can pose a great challenge in one’s life but there are multiple ways and therapies to eliminate it from one’s body to lead a healthy and a normal life.

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