Hemorrhoid Treatment Information

Hemorrhoids are common problem for both men and women; some of hemorrhoids treatment is self-care hemorrhoids treatment, medical hemorrhoids treatment. Doing Surgery hemorrhoids treatment. In self-care hemorrhoids treatment taking hot sitz bath, it best treatment to cure swelling pain and irritation by sitting in the hot water tub for few minutes. Constipation is main problem in hemorrhoids so to get rid of the treatment is drink lots of fruit juices, and leafy vegetables. Drinking pure water itself is the best remedy. Not sitting in same place for long time.

Treating Hemorrhoids Naturally

In medical hemorrhoids treatment, if the hemorrhoids developed with the clot, if it is not paining and not swelling much then by taking sitz hemorrhoids treatment is enough to get the relief, if it sever swelling and pain then consult the doctor they give anesthesia then they will cut hemorrhoids to remove the blood clot and put bandage then prescribe to take the sitz hemorrhoids treatment frequently to get cure. After removing the clot the pain will reduce the drugs prescribed is acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain if any.

Another type is prolapsed inter hemorrhoid for thin also medical hemorrhoids treatment is given. In prolapsed internal hemorrhoids the problem is unable push back the hemorrhoid back in to the anus for doctors itself gently push back hemorrhoids in its own place. If it is not possible then they remove it by doing the surgery hemorrhoids treatment.

If your are continued with sever bleeding, paining, itching and un able to push back the hemorrhoids back to its place then doctors prefer surgery in this hemorrhoids treatment they give the medicine to shrink the hemorrhoids otherwise put the rubber band around the hemorrhoids then the flow of blood is stopped then hemorrhoids will die.

Other hemorrhoids treatment used are cryotherapy it is not used much in this hemorrhoids treatment the hemorrhoids is frozen. Laser therapy is also given in hemorrhoids treatment in this laser hemorrhoids treatment the hemorrhoids is burned off. Some time they remove it by cutting it or removing the hemorrhoids.





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