Natural Home Remedy for Treating Hemorrhoids

A recent stats shows that almost 50% of Americans over the age of 50 suffer from hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids is nothing but a condition where in there is a swelling of veins (caused due to inflammation) around the anus. Hemorrhoids are classified in to two different types, namely; internal or external. Internal hemorrhoids are found inside the anus or the rectum and the external is found external to the anus or rectum, under the skin somewhat around the anus .

Treating Hemorrhoids Naturally

Hemorrhoids can prove to be a literal pain in the backside as well as can prove to be an embarrassment in society. Hemorrhoids can develop in people who try to clear their digestive system despite being constipated that is actually a very painful condition and it becomes tough for one to even sit or stand.

Since certain experts and people concerned medically know what pain a person who has hemorrhoids is put through, they have come up with home remedies for hemorrhoids where you can try removing the hemorrhoid by staying at home. This treatment is not as effective as the cure given by doctors, so please do consult with a doctor before taking any action.

In order to excrete properly you must make sure you consume food that is rich in fiber as fiver is a good digestive cleaner and removes all kinds of waste and toxin from your body, and it is also responsible for softening the stools, which makes it easier for the stool to come out. Although this is not a cure for hemorrhoids, this helps you from protecting yourself against the impact of hemorrhoids.

Even aloe vera cannot be used to cure hemorrhoids like fiber; however, putting it in the anus will definitely soothe all your discomfort, itchiness, and burning sensation you experience because of its cooling effect. Aloe vera can be used effectively in helping through the healing procedure and prevents the hemorrhoid from further getting infected.

Witch hazel can be used to minimize the muscular contraction in the anal area and can also be used as an efficient pain killer. You can purchase this from any store. A combination of this and aloe vera can prove to be very effective, and you get ready made products in the market these days that does not require you to literally crush the leaves.

Consume lots of water as this is a good stool softener and you will the necessary minerals supplied to your body are lost because of the presence of hemorrhoids.

Certain mixtures can also be used as remedies for hemorrhoids that come with changing the way you choose to sit or stand. When the hemorrhoid is contacted by a hard flat surface, it tends to get aggravated, so try and cross when sitting so that you are not fully seated on the chair. Sleep sideways instead of sleeping on your back.

In the toilet seat try not to force out the waste from your body, as the hemorrhoids get worsen then. Try excreting very slowly even if it mean staying in the toilet for over an hour or so, as this prevents the hemorrhoid from further damage.

Do not perform any kind of experimentation on your hemorrhoid in the name of curing it. The best thing to do is to consult with a good doctor.All the above remedies for hemorrhoids are very effective and keep in mind always that prevention is always better than cure.

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