More Facts about Internal Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are veins generally found on the interior and exterior walls of the anus. These hemorrhoids are either enlarged or swollen. Internal hemorrhoids develop when the pressure inside the hemorrhoidal veins increases due to straining while passing stools.

Treating Hemorrhoids Naturally

Individuals suffering from internal hemorrhoids can identify the problem if they feel discomfort in the anal area or if they see blood traces in the stools. People who are obese or that eat food with very little fiber (and more fat) or those that have problem while passing bowels, are prone to internal hemorrhoids. So, it is very important to eat a balanced diet that is not only nutritious but also rich in fiber to make the digestion process easy. Individuals that neglect the symptoms of hemorrhoids often end up getting a surgery done to treat the health condition.

In most of the cases reported till date the hemorrhoidal veins are small even though they swell. However, there have been cases where the swollen veins obtrude out of the anal section. People with internal hemorrhoids endure pain due to the pressure put by the muscles in the anus area on the anal veins while they protrude outward.

The swollen veins block the blood circulation in the anal area and this is why many see blood or mucus traces on the stools. As we all know, hemorrhoids develop when the blood vessels are under tremendous pressure. Some of the factors that cause hemorrhoids in people of all age groups are old age, pregnancy, constipation and even in those that have trouble passing stools due to diarrhea. Cirrhosis, obesity, low fiber intake, high fat consumption, and regular anal sex are other factors that intensify the pressure on the anal area causing hemorrhoids.

Before rushing to the doctor and getting examined there are a few ways to actually test if a person is suffering from hemorrhoids or not. The most common symptom is blood traces on stools or toilet paper. Many individual feel full even after passing stools where as many others report discomfort in the anal area. People with internal hemorrhoids generally do not sense pain except when the internal veins obtrude. Hemorrhoids have to be treated immediately.

However, those who ignore the symptoms experience severe pain and if the condition is even further neglected some tend to soil their undergarments too. In such cases, the only way to treat the hemorrhoids is to cut the blood circulation off the veins so that the hemorrhoids stop growing, shrink, and then finally die. This treatment can be done with the use of infrared or laser technology, or by using rubber band or certain chemicals with medical help. Depending on the severity of hemorrhoids, doctors prescribe surgery to get rid of these lumps for ever.

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