Natural Cure for Hemorrhoids – Does it Really Work

Piles or hemorrhoids are a result of swelling in the anal area due to various reasons. The reasons include constipation, weight gain due to pregnancy or obesity, and it can be very painful and sometimes causes itchiness that causes great discomfort to the unfortunate person going through it in the first place.

Treating Hemorrhoids Naturally

Suppose you are one among those unfortunate people suffering from this condition then there is a guide that provides you with the all natural cure for hemorrhoids you can use at your homes.

Since this condition is very sensitive and embarrassing, such home remedies are very helpful instead of consulting with a doctor. You can be relieved off your pain and itchiness with certain special remedies especially if you are in the starting stages. However, if the condition is serious you have to consult with a doctor at the earliest.

A sitz bath is the best way to ease the pain and itchiness you experience with hemorrhoids. The sitz bath includes a bathtub with warm water and baking soda or salt diluted in the tub. You should then sit in the tub for around 20 minutes so the baking soda acts as an antiseptic and does not allow the hemorrhoid from getting infected further. The itchiness is efficiently dealt with by this sitz bath.

Ice cubes are also a good option for a cure for hemorrhoids and reduces flare ups and swelling. The ice cubes eases the burning and itchy sensation, but can also be used to reduce the siz of the hemorrhoid for sometime at least.

Natural herbal extracts have also proven to be good for some people. Hitch hazel can be used to contract the swelling of the blood vessels in the anal area that causes this condition. So, further bleeding or agitation that is caused is avoided.

Sometimes, it can be used to reduce the size of the hemorrhoid as well. Hitch hazel solution can be applied after a sitz bath and it will work wonders on you if applied everyday for two weeks.

Anyhow, if your symptoms still last then you must consult with a doctor immediately. Prevention is better than cure so look into the entire preventive measures also and go through this ehile applying the cure for hemorrhoids that you have been taught in this article.

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